1. Die Cutting

We supply a precision die cutting service to a range of industries nationwide, making use of high-speed equipment that allows us to efficiently process a range of substrates. While we specialise in non-metallic materials, we do offer die cutting services that involve aluminium and copper, based on your individual needs. We can laser cut and engrave a range of products ranging from plastic to wood, foam, and paper. Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

2. Embossing

Embossing adds a subtle 3-dimensional effect to your materials. The process involves two metal dies pressed together to raise your text or image above the surface of the paper or card to create a 3D effect. We can combine embossing with foiling for an even more glamorous and elegant effect. Standard embossing or embossing combined with hot foil stamping have a strikingly stylish effect on invitation cards, business cards, book covers, brochures or letterheads. It can be done on paper, cardstock, fabric, metal foil and other substrates.

3. Mounting

Let us mount your small or large prints on a range of substrates, including gator board, corrugated plastic, illustration board or foam core. We can also laminate or encapsulate your mounted prints. Mounting is ideal for sign boards, menus, posters and more.

4. Laminating

Laminating lends longevity to your printed items and is ideal for restaurant menus, price lists and posters. Laminating is the process whereby clear plastic film is bonded onto your printed materials. The finished product will usually have a sealed edge, which means that the printed product is completely encapsulated in plastic. Laminated documents can withstand a lot of handling and can easily be wiped clean and last for a very long time. Speak to us about your lamination, encapsulation or mounting requirements so that we can help you find the most economical solution for your unique needs.

5. Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching, also known as stapling, or booklet making, is an affordable method for binding smaller print items, such as magazines, pocket-sized notebooks, calendars or small booklets of up to 64 pages. We will design your book layout into multiples of four pages, print it and saddle stitch it securely. The book is bound with wire staples for extra durability, leaving you with excellent quality booklets.

6. Perfect Binding

Perfect binding adds a professional finishing touch to your bookbinding requirements. Different to other types of binding, perfect binding doesn't use stitches, but glue which looks neat and offers a secure binding. A quick and affordable method, you will see most modern paperbacks are held together with perfect binding, a method suitable for self publishing of holiday or travel books, recipes, photo albums or training manuals. We can turn full colour books of anywhere from 32 - 250 pages into a perfectly bound masterpiece, leaving you in control of the artwork. Covers can be printed in full colour and laminated for durability. You will be amazed at the quality of binding and durability when you allow us to do your perfect binding.

7. Cutting

We offer a hassle-free cutting service to get your paper to the exact size you require. While cutting is a delicate process, our team of experts have the skills and experience to cut it to perfection. Additionally, our professional grade, high-duty guillotine has advanced settings to ensure the right size and square, dust-free cut. Our cutting experts know their paper and they know just how important a newly sharpened blade and the right angle is. They are well-trained to understand the importance of the right temperature and the correct level of humidity is when it comes to handling specialty paper.Trust us to cut your paper perfectly.

• Die Cutting • Folding • Mounting • Embossing • Platen • Saddle Stitching • Pur Bound • Laminating • Drilling • Guillotine

And all hand finishing work etc